Fundraising for the Bubye Valley Conservancy

John Sharp and his friend Jody Newell, from Aiken SC, are actively involved in rhino conservation and protection efforts in the Bubye Valley Conservancy. As fund-raisers and advocates of the highly effective anti-poaching units that patrol the Conservancy, they also monitor all funding inflows to ensure that your money reaches the correct account and is used for its intended purpose.


John Sharp receiving a cheque for $20 000 from Cal Hendrick and Matthew Bell of the West Texas chapter, Safari Club, toward Rhino Conservation at the Bubye Valley Conservancy

Should you wish to donate towards Rhino protection or the ongoing African Lion research project in the Bubye Valley Conservancy, please do so via the following official channels:

1) For the lion research, donate via –

2) For the rhino protection, donate via – The International Rhino Foundation manages donations in the USA for the Lowveld Rhino Trust, which partners with and supports BVC rhino conservation projects.

Each website has a Donate button with step by step instructions to guide donors through the process.

Please note that these organizations have 501(c) iii status, making any contribution tax deductible in the USA.


Once your funds have been transferred, please confirm your contribution with an e-mail to John Sharp: or Natasha Anderson at the BVC: indicating whether the donation is for rhino protection or lion research. Please also include the date and the account name the funds came from. In this way we will be able to track the money and ensure that it goes directly to the Bubye Valley Conservancy and the program of your choice.

3) Alternatively, to donate to either lion research or rhino protection, please contact John Sharp: or Jody Newell:

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