Bubye Valley Conservancy – Conservation and Fundraising

Once a cattle baron’s massive ranch in the Rhodesian lowveld in the 1930s, Zimbabwe’s Bubye Valley Conservancy (BVC) is today a world-leading centre for wildlife research and conservation, funded by strictly regulated hunting operations and donations from the international sport hunting community.


Rhino in the Bubye Valley Conservancy

The Bubye Valley Conservancy’s rhino populations are stable and growing

At 850 000 acres (3 440 sq kilometres) the sheer size and diversity of habitat offered in the BVC enables the rhino’s territorial spread, encouraging breeding and the survival of new populations of both black and white rhino. In addition, the genetic diversity of each species is improved by the introduction of animals relocated from threatened areas elsewhere.


Anti poaching scouts in the Bubye Valley ConservancyThanks to donations from well wishers well equipped anti poaching scouts patrol the Bubye Valley Conservancy

Due to its efficient anti-poaching strategies, the BVC is now the only wild reserve in the world where rhino populations are actually stable and growing. Of special concern is the black rhino which rarely breeds in captivity and is thus dependent on a suitable wild habitat for its survival.

John Sharp is actively involved in rhino conservation and protection efforts in the BVC, as well as an important lion research project. A tireless fund-raiser for, and advocate of the highly effective anti-poaching units that patrol the Conservancy, John also monitors all funding inflows to ensure that donations reach the correct account and are used for their intended purpose.

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